Click & Go Pleated Screen
Quick-Detach Design
Freehand disassembly saves your time dramatically.


1. HISS patented Adjustment Device optimizes user experience by allowing users to fine-tune the strings as demands.

2. The QDM Design (QUICK-DETACH MECHANISM) saves your time with 4 Taps and Clips which are designed for fast detachment without moving a single screw.

3. Excellent User-Friendly Configuration is designed for easy install & detach which is convenient for you when cleaning and repairing.

4. Extend lifecycle by housing it into the handlebar when not using.

5. Feasible for almost all kinds of window / door frame.

Pull-Out Test : 1.5 Kgf


Size : W 1,200 * H 2,100 mm

Durability Test : 1,050 mm / 100,000 times