Easy-Detach Pleated Screen System

HISS Detachable Ratchet Design saves your time when cleaning and repairing.

 The screen keeps insects away from your life, blocking harmful UV by sunshade.

Pleated Window/ Door Screen
It complements any home and will virtually disappear when not using. 

We extend product’s life by housing it into the handlebar which can reduce dust accumulation and block the harmful UV.

Easy-Detach Pleated Screen System

Excellent User-Friendly Configuration Design saves your time when detaching the screen. The Clips are designed for fast detachment without moving a single screw. We optimize user experience by developing the patented Adjustment Device that allows users to fine-tune the strings as demands.

The screen requires low maintenance that you can simply use damp cloth to wipe the mesh to remove dust. Product’s life is extended by housing in the handlebar when not using. 


Size : W 1,200 * H 2,100 mm

Durability Test : 1050 mm / 100,000 times