Roller Screen Series
Dock-able Roller Screen
Patented Ratchet Design for you to fine-tune the Strings individually.

SIZE : W 1,200 mm * H 2,100 mm(Door Type)

Pull-Out Test : under 3 Kgf (Door Type)

Durability Test : 100,000 times

Can withstand Beaufort Scale 12 wind (wind speed : 118-132 km/ hr)

Distinguished Dock-able Roller Screen features myriad of user-friendly functions.

The Unique Anti-Derail Design

Unlike the zip design screen, HISS Roller Screen is designed for withstanding strong winds such as medium-low hurricane.

Patented Dock-able Function

It allows users to pause the screen at Any Position as demand. Except for smooth and easy retraction, it won’t slam shut if accidentally released.

Patented Adjustment Device

Optimize user experience by HISS patented Adjustment Device which allows users to fine-tune the strings as demands.